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Windows 8.1 Aio X86 X64 Pre-Activated Iso Download

Window 8.1 AIO x86 and x64 Pre activated iso is available on the websites. It is update formom of the previous version of the Microsoft Windows like window 7 it updates version is window 8, And window 8 update version is Microsoft Windows 8.1. It is operating system Like the Microsoft Windows. But it has the similarity in the function. The codename of the window 8.1 is the Blue. It is an operating system7 the main function of the Os is the work as mild ware between the hardware and software of the system.

Windows 8.1 Aio X86 X64 Pre-Activated Iso Download

Windows 8.1 Aio X86 X64 Pre-Activated Iso Download

In February 2013, A Writer Mary Jo Foley discloses the potential Rumor about the code name of the window 8.1 “Blue”. The company maintains the development standard they launched the new the version of the window operating system. They named the window 8.1. This operating system was released on the 8 April 2014 under the Microsoft Company flag. This version becomes popular in the initial time. Then, after coming to the new operating system of the window 8.1. The window 8.1 is received the mixed reception although more positive then window 8 because the window 8.1 and window 8 have the same application in the operating system.  This operating system supports both plate form like x86 and x64 bit platforms. It supports the hybrid type of the kernel.

Windows 8.1 Aio X86 X64 Pre-Activated

Window 8.1 can boot easily on your desktop computer. In the Window 8.1, all in one full version operating system contain the framework. The all in one version are included in all libraries and.Net frameworks.  It also contains the all new updates application. In the Window, 8.1 full version pre-active new security application is added to the Os. The user of the window 8.1 is not needed to about their system security. When the user installs this operating system to their system they do not need to install an extra antivirus. This application protects the system against the unwanted spy and other malware, which are the danger for the system. This operating system has the function of the multitasking. The tasking is the function with the help of this you can perform the multiple tasks at the same time.


Why user down the window 8.1


Because this operating system has some specific feature, which is the cause of increasing the popularity of this operating system. it has the  unique features.


List of the feature of window 8.1 full version


  • Beautiful and attractive start button return.
  • Boot to desktop.
  • Lock screen.
  • Start screen option.
  • Refreshed Xbox Music.
  • Better search.
  • Snap views.
  • Better multi-monitor.
  • Access to window store.
  • Soaped up metro control Panel.
  • Support 3D printing.
  • Miscast Streaming.
  • Access to camera
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Tile size
  • Sky Drive app
  • Broadband Tethering
  • Wifi support
  • Fingerprinting.
  • Add new Book reader.
  • Voice Recorder.
  • Text to speechWindow 8.1 System requirements
  • 1 (GHz) Gigahertz or faster processor need.
  • Support PAE SSE2 and NX
  •  1 GB Ram required.
  •  Hard disk space 16 GB for the 32bit (x86) operating system.
  •  Hard disk space 20BG for the 64bit (x64) operating system.
  • Optional graphics card are i.e. Microsoft DirectX 9
  • Support the DirectX 9 with WDDM driver.


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