Gta vice city apk full version for android

Gta Vice City is the continuation of the amazing GTA 3. This time we go from Liberty City to Vice City, a place totally influenced by the Miami of the 1980s. Gta vice city apk is also released now.

You can now steal cars, get involve in hold ups, get involved in shooting. And on the top of all get much more out of the massive city. It was initially released for playstations and pc users. But the good news is that  gta vice city apk is also available now for android users.

gta vice city apk

About Character:

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City follow the story of a gangster from Miami, Tommy Vercetti who is a former hitman from the Forelli crime family. The Story starts when the main character of the game Tommy gets out of the prison after spending 15 years of his life in the prison. He searches for a new life in vice city which is a very tough city.

Gta vice city brings you a number of exciting missions in Tommy has to perform a series of criminal activities in order to survive.

About Vice City:

The city is the recreations of Miami in 80’s and is exactly same like that. City has four different neighborhoods. Which you can travel in a vehicle of by foot or by any means you want. While playing gta vice city game you will experience life and inhabitants and will have interaction with them. You can involve with them in fights and police can cathc you so try to avoid police. You can get medical services and much more fun like real life.

The most amazing thing about the game is that you can apply a series of cheat codes in the game to make your game play more comfortable. Cheat codes help in developing you interest in the game. You can apply codes for different activities like spawning different vehicles, health refilling, remove police stars ,clothing and much more that you ll explore time to time.

gta vice city apk free download

Gta vice city apk:

Initially the game Grand Theft Auto Vice City was released for play stations by Rockstar Games. But after some times with the increase in the demand of players the company also release the PC version of the game. Players from all over the world started to enjoy the game.

But now the world has changed to the mobile world. Almost every second person in the world carries an android phone. With the increasing interest of the people in the android games Rockstar games take a good step and developed Gta vice city apk game for the android users.

In honor of the decade of the game, Rockstar releases GTA Vice City for Android and other mobile OS – with HD resolution support.

How to download and install gta vice city apk:

  1. First of all download the gta vice city apk by clicking here.
  2. Download the cache for the game in compressed form.
  3. Unzip the cache in the following folder ( /sdcard/Android/obb/com.rockstargames.gtavc/)
  4. You should have space of at least 1.4 Gb available.

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