Gta San Andreas apk full version for android

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a video game. Rock star Games released this game in 2004. First of al it was released for play station 2. Due to the great publicity and interest of people rock star games released its PC and xbox version in 2005. And then Rock star Games also released gta san andreas apk for android. It is and action and adventure game. More over gta san andreas apk also provides the same fun as a PC or play station provides.

About Character:

The name of the main character of the game is Carl Johnson also called as CJ in short. He is an old gang banger form the Grove Street Families gang in Los Santos. His mother died in a shootout. He return to the city for her funeral. A corrupt police officer catches him and force him to work for the police officer otherwise he will be caught in a fake case. After getting rid of the officer Cj meets his brother Sweet and his sister Kendl. And they all work together to gain the control of the city but hthere are many ups and downs in the game which you will learn during game play.

About Game:

The game is an action and adventure game. It follows the same theme as previous versions like vice city. You can have role play in single player as well as multiplayer game versions. The game is very close to real life where you can steal and drive cars. You can do robbery. Play video games inside the game. Eat meal and have different types of cloths and hair cuts.

Gta San Andreas

More over you can also do gambling inside the game in different casinos. It is also a third person shooting game in which you can involve in gun fights and gang wars. The best part of the game is that you can also steal trains and you can fly different air planes and helicopters inside the game. Unlike previous games your player can now swim in the water and can do underwater dives.

There are almost 250 vehicles including bikes. cars,  trucks, Airplanes, helicopters etc  in the game. You can perform different missions to earn money and you can purchase different properties in the game. Also  you can modify your vehicles now. You can explore the huge map and you can apply different cheat codes which increase the fun of the game.


How to download and Install gta san andreas apk:

Download and install gta san andreas apk

You can download and install gta san andreas apk by following the steps:

  1.  First of all download and install gta san andreas apk file from here.
  2. Now after that download the obb data file on your sd card.
  3. The obb data file has the size of 2.4 GB so make sure that you have 5 GB free storage available on your SD card.
  4. Now move the downloaded obb file with its folder to the following location of your phone ( SDCard/Android/Obb ).
  5. After performing all above steps launch the game from installed apk and enjoy the game play.

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