Google Map App for Android APK Download Free

In this article, you will understand about the Google map app. This article is best for those who have prior knowledge about the google map and do not have. Because those people have known about this application will learn more some new about this. If you do not know about the google map, I shall describe you in detail. I divided into this article some part for your easy-ness. Now I starting first its history.

Google maps are part of the google. This is web map viewing services, meaning it provides to their user a world wild web or geographic information. It shows the map images with the help of satellite. This available in the multi-language.  Google maps are completely own by google as I discuss in above. the first version was launched in the feb8 2005. Google maps are updated when new maps are uploaded to the google. This app is developed in the C++ for back-end coding, JavaScript, XML, and Ajax for the front-end coding.

Google Map App for Android APK Download Free

Google Map App for Android APK Download Free


Initially, Google map was develop for the desktop application. Later when it was popular than Google acquired this product and converted into the web application with help of the other language which is mention at the end of above paragraph. Google Map is wounder full programme or application which save the time of millions of people.

How Google Maps are Show the Data 

Google maps show the data like the Bird’s eye view.  Mean  Top to Down as flying bird watch below or on the earth. The most of the maps of the city are takes from aircraft or any flying object. Each Image of the city is taken from the height of 800 – 1500 feet or 240 meters to 460 meters. However many images of the different city are collect from the satellite. The latest version of the maps is so much updated, They the user during in their journey. Google maps Apk is the best tool for the tourist.

because when a new tourist went to some unknown city or place, Nothing one is helping them only this application is the help you. This is one app where you can blind trust. Google adds a new feature of the street view. this feature helps the user watch the online view of the street. you can watch full roads maps of the city. when you start your journey than select your destination and start your driving. This application shows the best and easiest way to your destination.

when if walking on foot then these google maps help you in the different ways.  in the ON Foot journey user also must to select their destination place, select your travel way as on foot, cycle, bye cycle, railway, Airplane, and  Public transport like bus, vain, and other. It calculates the destination reached time according to your selected accessories. This is so much amazing application.

Popularity level of the Google Maps app

According to official news, 7100 employees are directly work in the google maps app house in 2012. This report published by the Google company. You can check the popularity level of this app by this survey. this survey was taken in 2013, according to this survey 54% smart devices are using this app. keep in mind android was popular after 2012. According to the latest survey, 95% smart devices are using google maps application. Some android company added the google map app on their android phone. You can download google maps free apk on your mobile, and install it. This application contains the whole world map.

How to share your google location With Other People

This tool is the most famous tool in the world. The Google company introduce the new update and feature in day by day. Recently Google introduces the new feature of Share your location with your friends and family member. This feature contains the many other options. Like as you can share your location with the specific duration, limit, and with access. It shares your location in the real time.

How to create google Gmail mail account.

For creating the google account you must need to have one phone number and given the requirement. First, You go to this link and enter the correct information one it is completed you must submit it. It generates a  code and sends on your phone then your entry within the required time. Then you enjoy the google mail Account. This mail account is entered in the google maps app apk for the mobile. So this is the process of the google mail account.

The feature of the google maps

  • Voice Guided
  • GPs navigation.
  • Maps of 220 countries.
  • Public transport.
  • Information about the millions of places.
  • Live traffic guide
  • Easy for the driving and riding.
  • Help with the picture
  • Support the street view.
  • add manually location

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