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DVD Catalyst will take the videos you give it, (DVD movies or other video files) and will convert them so they can be easily played on many other devices. Good much any device that supports video playback is closed, as well as the iPhone, Android,  many other devices. At the time of writing this, DVD Catalyst Download is only available for Windows, no Mac version is available. Go Back to Microsoft’s operating system. It must be mentioned that DVD Catalyst Download, provides support for any Windows edition from the very old Windows 2000, all the way up to the latest and Biggest, Windows 8 Operating System. The DVD Catalyst interface provides support for themes. There are two themes to choose from:

Dark and Light:

The Dark theme is used by default in this software. If you want to switch to the Light theme, you can very easily do so from the Theme menu located in the upper left corner. No issue which theme you selects, the design is just as easy to use.


As expected from an application of this type, using DVD Catalyst is a very straightforward matter. It can be broken down into 3 steps: select the DVD movie or video you want to convert, pick a device you want, start the conversion process. You can load any DVD or any video file you have on your Personal Computer. There are many things to choose from: iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Note and many more.


In the trial version there is the following limitation: converts 25% of each item.

Select any DVD or video file and DVD Catalyst will convert and optimize it so it will work brilliantly on your mobile device. It doesn’t issue that if you have an iPad, Galaxy, iPhone, or other devices. The list of supported devices is incredibly long.

DVD Catalyst Download

Also converts video files such as DivX, XviD, AVI, MP4, MPEG, and supports Batch, Black bar removal. New free booster pack available on our website. Watch your movies where ever you go: With DVD Catalyst you can put your favorite movies or TV series in the palm of your hand and watch them wherever and whenever you want. On the road, the kids can watch their favorite cartoons, on the plane watch your favorite show. Utilizing a unique 1-click user interface, combined with unique, industry-first features, DVD Catalyst is the most feature-rich yet most affordable DVD converter available. Copying a DVD to your portable media player is achieved with a single mouse-click, and without the need to rip it to your hard-disk. DVD Catalyst uses its own conversion engine, based on the powerful open source tool Mencoder, and does not require any additional software to be installed.

Installing DVD Catalyst is an effortless task. There are two themes to choose from Dark and Light. The interface was developed with ease of use. You can start DVDs and video files; in many formats are supported. DVD Catalyst provides support for a very long list of devices.

The application converts 25% of each item.

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