Daemon Tools Lite Free Latest Version Download

Daemon Tools Lite Free Latest Version

Daemon Tools lite is the most famous software for image mounting and Emulation. The daemon tools resumes very low memory. The software also work very fast. This means it will work properly on a system having a very low memory. The interface has been made much simpler. The new functions introduced for the ease of use has made it very popular all over the world. The software has special mode against the some tools which protects the disc copies. These tools include star force, laser lock, safe disc, Secure, etc. which are used in some of the games disks for the purposes of protection. The interface of Daemon tool has been simple and easy to use. There are no extra coloring or luxury is added.

Daemon Tools Lite 10 Download Free

Features of Daemon Tools Lite:

Daemon tools lite is actually for beginners and for newbies. It’s actually a lighter and soft version of more complex and heavy application. The version 10 has been introduced in the market that has made daemon tools more popular.The daemon tools lite 10 can be used for mounting the disc image in virtual devices. it can be used as CD, DVD, and Blu ray discs. These devices run on your hard drive but show as an optical device. The software also supports the images made by other tools like Alcohol 120% . It also provide user the option to convert different formats for the ease of use. It allows you to emulate up to four CD/DVD and Blu Ray devices. These devices will appear as real devices in your PC. The user can mount different images by selecting the drive and mounting the image.


The user can also create different images like ISO and mds file format. It can create upto 4 DT SCSI AND HDD virtual drives. It also provides a command line interface. The images can be created by inserting a disc into you real drive or mount image and just click buttons on the control panel. The daemon tools lite supports formats like ISO, mds, mdf, bin, cue and other image files. The latest version also supports compressed .rar file formats. The company has also developed Mac version of the software for the Mac users.

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