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CCleaner Download Free Latest Version

CCleaner Download Free:

CCleaner Download Free Latest Version

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CCleaner is software used for the purpose of cleaning unnecessary cache memory of computer. It was initially developed in 2003 by the Piriform. The software was is freeware means it is free for everyone. The software also has premium version which is also not that much expansive. But if you don’t want to buy the premium version free version would be enough. The software has been made very simple and easy to use. It also has a very attractive and user friendly interface. The software makes you PC faster and more secure.

What is CCleaner:

CCleaner has many functions but it has three main menus. Which includes Cleaner, Registry and Tools. These three menus include all the options. But it also has some other functions like options and Upgrade.

Key Features


The CCleaner is used to clean all the unnecessary cache, Browsing data, cookies, and memory buffer and browsing history. This menu has two main tabs windows and application. These tabs are used to select different windows programs and application. The user can also check/uncheck the different applications and programs. That should be included in the cleaning process.


The Registry menu is used resolve and repair different registry data.This process repairs the problems including missing dLLs, unused extensions and other things related to registry. It makes the computer work properly with increased speed.


The third main menu is Tools. This menu has further many options .This menu contain uninstall tab. This tab can also be used as an alternate to the windows add/remove program. Which is also better that windows program. The tools menu contain many other options like startup to enable, disable or remove the programs which are included in startup. Furthermore the menu includes man important feature like Browser plug-ins, Disk analyzer, Duplicate finder, Disk wiper and system restore.


I would like to suggest you that at least try the free version once if not the premium one. it is a good helping tool for system optimization. It increases the working capacity of the computer. The ccleaner is also available for Mac systems.

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